Bart Heirweg

About me

There is nothing better than a life as a landscape photographer. When I walk through the fields before dawn, for a brief moment, it feels like I am the only person in this world and I savour the tranquillity. Far away from the daily grind. Time and again nature amazes me with its beauty. It provides me with moments of stillness – pure sensation and a connection with nature – elements that play an important part in our wellbeing.

As nature and landscape photographer I want a lot. So I do a lot.

Zonsopgang in de Mechelse Heide


If you would like to learn more about nature photography or landscape photography, my workshops and photo trips will definitely appeal to you. They can be taken in group or individually. Because I deliberately limit the number of participants, all your personal questions will receive my undivided attention

Finally a workshop that was interesting me from the beginning till the end. I had a pleasant day.

Sigrid Debusschere from Overijse
Kleurrijke reflecties in Noorwegen
Kleurrijke waterjuffer


Want to know more about nature photography or landscape photography? Why not attend one of my lectures or presentations with your photography club, organisation, or company? If you have a particular topic in mind, I am more than happy to adapt my presentations to your organisation and its particular interests.

Book De heuvels van de Ronde

The hills of the Tour

In The hills of the Tour of Flanders, I show the Flemish Ardennes at its best. The place I call home. It was here that I made my very first photographs. It was here that my love for nature and its beauty began to take shape. It is here that my heart lies. After two full years, I am happy to share these images with you. Order your signed copy today.