Behind the scenes

An inspiring lecture in which both technology and creativity are discussed extensively. By means on useful photography tips you will learn to develop a better photographic vision and discover why certain images work and others don't.

Tiltshit-lens in action

In this presentation you get a look behind the scenes of a professional landscape photographer. How are the best images being made? What kind of equipement do you use in challenging weather conditions? And how do you breathe life into your landscape photos? With inspiring images and practical photo tips & tricks I try to give an answer to all those questions.

Image making in Canada
Photographer in Iceland

During this presentation different subjects and locations are being discussed. You will not only learn how certain images came about but also how a subject can be approached in different ways.


  •      the workflow of the photographer
  •      which images do not work and why
  •      fascinating videos with useful tips

In short: a unique journey through the creative process of the photographer. Are you ready to take your images to the next level?