Landscape photography presentation 'The hills of the Tour'

In my second book The hills of the Tour, I show off the Flemish Ardennes in all its glory. The region I call home. This is where I made my first pictures. This is where my love for nature and its beauty grew. This is where my soul lies.  

Graanveld bij zonsopgang

In this presentation I will tell you about my experiences whilst working on this project for two years. I will address questions as ‘How do you get started on a photo project?’ and ‘How do you bring nature and culture together?’. 

Topics include:

  • Preparation and location scouting
  • Handy apps and websites
  • Learn how to predict the weather and fog

Along with numerous tips about composition, fun facts and anecdotes, I tell you all about my favourite images in the book and explain the story behind them. I end the presentation with a short 'making off' movie.

At the end of the talk I will take the time to answer all attendants’ questions. This presentation takes about two hours and I can bring a beamer and projection screen if necessary.